I become frustratedMature

I become frustrated

I accepted the options given me,

And to start with did try,

Yet an uphill struggle this was,

In all, save English Literature.


History proved to be tough,

Previously, Medicine Through Time,

Weimar and Nazi Germany,

These topics had been fine.


Yet the Russian Revolution,

That was particularly tough,

Sourcework, coursework and all,

Completely indigestible,

Small wonder I dropped the subject.


ICT and Religious Studies,

I did however continue,

Excel spreadsheets I found,

While fine to use, were tough to design.


Slowly struggling,

In cracking the technical,

I messed up my first project,

And was asked to start over,

At home with mom's assistance.


Following many world wars,

And much frustration on both sides,

An adequate project did I submit,

English Literature I naturally excelled in,

Thrilled to study Hamlet,

Interested to learn Chaucer.

The End

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