My A LevelsMature

My A Levels

In my new A levels,

I had practically no choice,

Save for English Literature,

My best and favourite subject.


I longed to study Psychology,

Yet having failed Maths,

Psychology was disallowed me.


Geography I loved,

Yet given my minor handicaps,

It was deeemed too difficult,

So I reluctantly settled for History.


I was attracted to Drama,

And with only sensible teenagers,

Opting to stay into sixth form,

I felt more confident,

Yet it was deemed unsuitable.


Religious Studies did mom suggest,

For it was Philosophy and Ethics,

Certain works of science fiction,

Some fiction touching on philosophy,

Did I enjoy yet,

Deep down was I a believer,

Just like my dad and stepfamily.


ICT was likewise suggested,

Initially interested was I,

Having never considered ICT,

Yet leaning more towards the Arts,

The technicality of this choice was fated,

To drive me up the wall.

The End

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