The results are outMature

The results are out

The hypersominia, it ceased,

Much to my relief,

Draining and exhausting,

Had excess sleeping been.


It was at this time,

That my gran, she moved,

Along with my great grandmother,

A bungalow in Brighton,

Did they take.


A year previously,

Had my aunt given birth,

Gabriel she named her boy,

And then in February,

Had she, her boyfriend married.


Up to Edinburgh,

My aunt and her family moved.

It was at this time,

In shifting my bed,

I needed mom's help,

And behind the radiator,

Was my hair discovered.


Even now do I recall,

My mom's overreaction,

"Enough to make three wigs"

Was her description,

She claimed if anyone saw it,

Her to prison they would send,

And me to a psychiatrist.


I talked her out of it,

And we removed the hair,

That August, the results arrived,

In English a double A

For language and literature.


In History I scored a B,

Double Science, a double C

Geography and Graphics,

Each a C,

Failing only Maths and French,

With E and D.

The End

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