Hot Showers and Skirt BeltsMature

Hot Showers and Skirt Belts

During a visit at my gran's

An unhealthy habit I developed,

The temperature of the shower,

At first for normal reasons,

Did I adjust it.


Yet this grew habitual,

Day after day,

I lessened the cold water,

Little by little,

Until I showered in hot water.


Unexpectedly at one point,

My mom came in,

She was horrified,

Reluctantly did I normalise,

The shower's temperature.


Following my usual fight with mom,

A skirt belt from the banister I took,

Locking myself in the bathroom,

I slipped it round my neck,

And pulled with all my might.


It failed to work,

So into the linen bin,

Did I toss the skirt belt,

Feigning surprise,

And murmuring excuses,

When weeks afterwards,

My mom discovered it.


I tried it with my school tie too,

Not suicide attempts,

I was too smart,

To risk my secret being exposed,

More suicide gestures than anything.

The End

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