An Anger ProblemMature

An Anger Problem

As I started my GCSEs;

English, Maths, Science,

Geography, History,

French, Graphics,

An anger problem I developed.


My world wars with mom,

They started to escalate,

Until I would at her lash out,

Nothing serious,

Only small slaps.


My mom, she blamed it,

On the soaps I saw,

Yet I knew it wasn't that,

Since the age of twelve,

Had I followed soaps,

And I did not lash out at twelve.


I strongly suspected,

That my anger problem,

It was linked to my cover up,

Yet I did not say so.


However I couldn't resist,

Dropping heavy hints,

All of which mom ignored,

Thus increasing the dramatic irony.


I kept up the strong happy front,

Though years later I learnt,

That my friends had not been decieved,

That they saw through it.


A presentation I had to give,

I removed the rubber band,

And unrolled the sugar paper,

Reluctant to waste a good rubber band,

I slipped it on my left wrist.


I had innocently intended,

To wear the rubber band,

Until the day's end,

Yet during games,

My friends saw it.


My friends warned me,

The blood circulation could stop,

And my whole hand could fall off.

Scared, I removed and pocketed it,

Yet a fascination in me developed.


Thereafter whenever scolded,

By mom or dad,

I secretly slipped,

A rubber band on my left wrist,

Careful not to let them see,

Careful not to wear it too long.

The End

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