I try to speak outMature

I try to speak out

Around this time,

I coined this catchphrase;

In the short term,

People will be unhappy,

In the long term,

It is for the best if I die.


A ridiculous catchphrase I know,

Yet at the time,

I believed it, Was sure of it,

And even now years later,

If in a similar situation,

Do I recall it, Do I feel it,

Even if I no longer believe it.


Perhaps I did consider suicide,

It truly seemed the only solution,

I was held back however,

By my love for Hillary,

By my love for my dad and stepfamily.


I did not then know,

That I lacked the courage to act on it,

Yet I know it now.


A terrible mistake did I make,

I tried to convince,

My friends, teachers and parents,

That I was right, That I should die,

Believing in life after death as I did,

It was to me no big deal,

So for the second time,

In my innocence, I messed up.

The End

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