It was a week after my SATs,

At lunchtime I had nowhere to go,

Wow this was so long ago.

I wanted to read in the library,

Yet it was closed,

Due to GCSE exams.


At the community centre,

Would I usually play games,

Linkaword Endings,

Hexaword Endings,

Yet I could not enter,

The same sign shut me out.


The careers library,

Was always another option,

Yet that was shut as well,

A natural introvert,

Where my friends were,

I had not the slightest notion.


I lingered near a hedge,

A hedge of bright red berries,

And quoted Hamlet;

To be or not to be,

That this too too solid flesh would melt,

What piece of work is a man.


I considered,

The hopelessness of my situation,

Forced to lie,

To the family I love,

Proud of who I was,

Yet having to fight,

Due to my romantic preference.


Deep despair filled my soul,

Hopelessness held my heart,

One lunchtime after another,

Thus I lingered,

Feeling like the Flying Dutchman,

Doomed to long for death,

But with death denied me.


My dad's optimism,

Carefree lightheartedness,

All seemed so niave  to me,

As I pondered my predicament.


Lessons distracted me,

As did spending time with dad,

Yet this veil of melancoly,

Nevertheless persisted beneath.

The End

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