I try to confide in SemantiMature

I try to confide in Semanti

I was now thirteen,

I longed to confide to Semanti,

My unrequited love for Hillary,

To share things with her was I keen,

For she was my sister.


Dad had departed to make tea,

I attempted in an online chat,

To explain to my stepsister,

Yet she didn't understand,

Just as Hillary had before her,

She completely freaked out.


Semanti to me did ask,

Whether I was joking or serious,

Returning at this point,

My dad told me to say I was joking,

Reluctantly I did so,

Though I knew it was a lie.


It was then I realised,

That some societies,

They insisted on lying,

About same sex love,

I couldn't be angry in a million years,

Not with my stepfamily,

I loved them too much.


I am older now,

More experienced at 24,

These days I tread carefully,

Though things they have changed,

In some ways at least.


Tormented witth guilt was I,

Over lying to my stepfamily,

My dad told me not to worry,

But I did worry,

I loved them. I still do.

The End

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