Even now, on looking back,

This episode continues to enrage me,

I will never ever forgive,

My mom's former friend.


I assume former,

As I doubt mom kept in touch,

I certainly never have,

For she is a snake in the grass.


The phone it rang,

If I knew who it was,

And what she was about to do,

I'd have smashed that phone to bits.


Natalie Cheveley, that was her name,

She asked to speak to mom,

Naturally unsuspecting,

I handed over the phone,

Even now as I write,

I would like to rip her heart out.


The next thing I knew,

My mom dashed downstairs,

Natalie had told her,

Like the venemous snake she was,

That I knew,

Of my dad's remarriage from the start.


I stood stunned,

And then bottled my fury,

Beneath a mask of calm,

My mom went overboard,

As was her style,

Saying she was surprised,

That I hadn't collapsed.


I secretly cursed,

The existing stereotype,

Of children being jealous,

Of a parent's remarriage,

Of blood relatives considered superior,

To non blood relatives.


Now I couldn't write,

To Aunt Premala or Semanti,

Without my mom's interference,

The though shattered me,

And tears rained down my cheeks,

I loved them to distraction,

I still do, I always will.


Mom thought my crying was good,

I bristled, staying tght lipped,

As to the true reason,

I was cowardly,

I allowed dad to take the rap,

When secrecy had been my idea.


Yet nothing would induce me,

To admit this to mom,

I mentally assured myself,

That whatever mom said,

I love my dad and stepfamily,

And I know that they love me.

The End

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