Dad breaks the news to momMature

Dad breaks the news to mom

I left the room discreetly,

So dad would have a chance,

To explain to my mom,

Yet I couldn't resist,

After running upstairs,

I crept back down,

And eavesdropped on the stairs.


My dad did explain,

That under normal circumstances,

Dad would have waited,

Not remarried a week after divorce.


Yet my stepmother's dad,

He was naturally anxious,

To see my stepmother married,

As soon as possible to my dad.


I slipped back up,

And came down,

Pretending not to know,

But my dad gave me a knowing look,

Dad guessed I had listened.


When mom broke the news to me,

I took it calmly,

Yet later complained to dad,

That mom's concern bored me.


Not my stepmother as such,

I repeated mom's words in my mind,

And at once felt a sudden rage,

Aunt Premala is mine, mine, mine,

Whatever mom says,

I accept her as a mother.

The End

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