My Dad's RemarriageMature

My Dad's Remarriage

To my dad did I complain,

About my gran's disdain,

And her disparaging of Aunt Premala,

Which had ripped my heart to shreds.


My dad advised me,

That I should ignore such things,

To this did I agree,

And then my dad to me confided,

That dad's family, they suggested,

Dad should not tell mom,

Until after the wedding.


I was desirous of revenge,

On my mom, aunt and gran,

I detested my aunt's arrogance,

My gran's old fashioned ways,

Even my mom's short temper,

Rattled my nerves.


Never one to miss,

An opportunity like this,

I agreed with dad's family,

Though I felt it romantic,

If dad kept it secret forever,

I knew it was unrealistic,

So I gave dad my blessing.


During dad's third India visit,

On October 29th 2000,

Did my dad ring me,

To convey the good news.


As mom was in the room,

I stared out of the window,

My eyes lingering on a rainbow,

And said dreamily,

That rainbows I loved,

For they were beautiful to look at,

Yet I smiled within,

I knew my dad would understand,

What I really meant.

The End

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