The Sheep TikMature

The Sheep Tik

I was on the veranda, reading,

When my eye, it stung,

To the kitchen I went,

Dousing it with cold water,

Until the stinging, it vanished.


Yet on my left eyelid,

Was a red spot so I thought,

A doctor opposite our house,

She believed it was a stye.


Cold compress and eyedrops,

Was what she recommended,

Eyedrops I hated,

Fighting and arguing with mom,

And struggling to keep my eye open,

As the drops went in.


Yet on my return to England,

This supposed stye,

It had in size increased,

My mom suspected it to be,

Some foreign insect,

Though my dad and grandad laughed.


Finally to the eye hospital I went,

Accompanied by my dad,

The nurse, she looked and screamed,

For it was a sheep tik,

It's head in my eyelid, drinking my blood.


My dad found it hillarious, 

My eye was numbed,

The bug numbed and removed,

My dad joked that it was my boyfriend,

Come to England,

With no passport or visa,

And to this day, we still recall,

This event most hillarious.

The End

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