Singing in the DarkMature

Singing in the Dark

Each evening, at a certain time,

When eight the clock would chime,

For an hour, the power,

It would be turned off.


During these times,

On the veranda we all convened,

I would sit in a chair and daydream,

About Aunt Premala and Semanti.


I thought of Aunt Purvaja,

Aunt Premala's elder sister,

In English was she a lecturer,

And English was my favourite.


Whereas my own aunt,

What was she a lecturer in?

History, which I didn't like.

I thought of Semanti's cousins,

Cousin Aadesh and Cousin Anita.


Not yet having met them,

That mattered little,

I had seen their photographs,

Written to them,

Spoken over the phone,

I loved them then and I love them now.


I sometimes would sing,

Semanti's favourite song,

One that she to me had sung.

I also knew,

A favourite song of Aunt Premala,

So that too I sang.

The End

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