My Dad's New LoveMature

My Dad's New Love

Returning from dad's second India visit,

My dad to me confided,

That dad had fallen in love,

And was reciprocated.


Aunt Premala as I know her,

She was indeed exquisite,

On casting eyes on her photograph,

My heart skipped a beat,

And butterflies filled my stomach.


An instant passion in me blossomed,

My eyes did linger,

On her gorgeous, long, straight hair,

Soft and silky, a brilliant jet black,

And deep, chocolate brown eyes.


My dad had a plastic wallet,

Filled with photos,

Of Aunt Premala,

Her daughter and my penfriend, Semanti,

Daringly I bent over,

And with my finger,

Stroked Aunt Premala's lovely hair.

The End

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