I Regain Touch With HillaryMature

I Regain Touch With Hillary

My form teacher, she left our school,

Got engaged and moved to Blackpool,

A new tutor I recieved,

Smarter than the previous, as I percieved.


With her I may have cooperated,

Yet she had traits I merely tolerated,

It was during this second year,

That I underwent bullying most severe.


It was mainly over Hillary,

And my romantic preference for females,

At first I endured it,

Before finally opening up,

Revealing to my parents,

My love for Hillary in the process.


My dad did not say much,

Though dad rarely speaks of things as such,

My mom beieved I had a crush,

By this I was offended,

If it had been someone older,

I would believe it a crush,

But Hillary was my age,

No, it was unrequited love.


My mum did suspect,

That the lead bully, he fancied me,

I was flattered, this I did not expect,

I forgave him though I never told him,

And years down the line,

His hangers on I befriended,

Though all communication with him ended.


I regained touch with Hillary,

Mercifully she had no recollection,

Of my disastrous admittance of affection,

Two years previously,

So I dared not remind her,

Though my love for her, it resurfaced immediately,

Upon casting eyes on her once more.

The End

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