My New PenfriendMature

My New Penfriend

My dad and I had capital times,

Dad would sometimes buy a chocolate bar,

That on the return journey,

We would share,

Sometimes Wispa Mint,

Sometimes Aero; plain or mint.


My dad's white Nissan Sunny,

I christened Aslan,

From the BBC Narnia series.

On returning from school,

Once homework was complete,

I would watch films with dad,

Or we would play Monopoly.


As my dad pointed out,

We made a perfect team,

I knew I shared core values with dad,

A desire to help others,

Belief in God, fate and life after death.


My dad then visited India,

My gran took me to and from school instead,

I was glad, though obviously,

It was not like being with dad.

On dad's return, dad to me admitted,

My dad had met and befriended,

A widow with a daughter about my age.


I was deeply sorry for this girl,

For she had lost her own dad young,

And I valued deeply how lucky I was,

So I at once offered to write to her,

My dad agreed and I befriended her.


Knowing my dad as I did,

I secretly suspected,

That my dad had fallen in love,

But dad made no mention of such a thing,

And I did not press dad on it,

I knew I wouldn't like being pressured,

To open up about Hillary,

Even I had waited a while,

Before confiding in Adelaide,

I was sure dad wanted the same.

The End

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