I Broke The House KeyMature

I Broke The House Key

Even at eleven,

I never ceased,

To make my dad laugh.


I once forgot my schoolbag,

My dad was busy,

So dad gave me the key,

Told me to go in and get it.


I fumbled with the key,

jiggling and jaggling it in the lock,

With more violence than needed perhaps.


The door stayed stubbornly shut,

My attack on it grew wilder,

Until with a snap,

Half the key fell to the ground,

The other half,

Firmly embedded in the keyhole.


To school I went,

Without my bag,

Sharing with my friends that day,

Pen, pencil, paper, ruler, rubber.


My dad fetched a locksmith,

Who sorted the door,

And dad returned me my bag at lunch.

The End

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