A Time Of ChangeMature

A Time Of Change

Maybe no older than ten,

Yet did I possess,

More grit and mettle,

Than most my age,

As my dad knew.


My dad to me confided,

That mom and dad,

They may live seperate lives.


I understood,

For well I knew,

Their marriage had been arranged.

Dad may claim dad loved mom,

Yet did I believe,

It was fondness not love,

I could not love someone,

Whom I never met or contacted,

Prior to marrying them.


Tired of their arguments,

In a way I was relieved.

However, when I learnt,

That the following year,

Hillary and myself,

We would attend different schools,

This parting from her I love,

It broke my heart.


I memorised her completely,

Songs she sang, her hair, her voice,

And swore never to forget her,

Or cease to love her,

At this time I wished,

To always love my first love.


The End

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