Family InteractionsMature

Family Interactions

I know for certain,

That I love my dad,

And to my dad I am close.


I knew also,

That my great grandmother,

Was the one,

Of whom I was the fondest.


With all others,

To whom I was tied by blood,

I took for granted that I loved them,

It was expected after all,

And I was always told I loved them,

Yet, later on in life,

I had cause to question this assumption.


I was unable to relax,

In my aunt and grandmother's company,

My aunt would tell people what to do,

Come across,

As proud, arrogant and smart.


My grandmother,

Her whole manner was intimidating,

Bossy, old fashioned, impatient,

Though I was always glad,

If I was given something I wanted by her.


I was fond of my great grandmother,

To the paper shop,

I would accompany her,

Help her bring the clothing in.


I didn't mind reading to my grandad,

Or massaging my gran's shoulders,

Yet they did irritate me,

And I couldn't help wishing,

That I could meet others,

Who were more like my dad.

The End

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