The Magpie and The MilkmanMature

The Magpie and The Milkman

Inky black, milky white,

With short spindly legs,

And a sharp pointed beak,

A magpie stalked our front lawn.


Our milkman would leave milk bottles,

Carefully on the step,

And then this mischievous magpie,

It would peck holes,

And lap a little milk.


Amusing but irksome,

This would continue day after day,

At last my dad made a decision,

Putting outside a box,

Dad left the milkman a note.


The note requested,

That our milkman should,

Place the milk in the box,

But do you know what he did?

He left the milk outside,

And took the box away.


I must admit,

I have never ceased laughing,

Over this absurdity.

The End

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