It was when I turned ten,

That I first developed OCD,

The form I had, as I later found,

Was trichotillomania,

A hair pulling disorder.


It was an unconsious habit,

To pull out strand after strand of hair,

Though years later, I discovered,

It could increase under stress.


Strange to say, this hair ripping,

Was never physically painful,

Though this made it no less shameful,

It could occur at any time or place,

When working, when lurking,

Sometimes at school, sometimes at home,

When reading, when relaxing, you name it.


Even now I have this,

It persists and I resist,

This obsessive compulsive disorder.


Acting on it, has over time,

Gradually lessened,

Yet must I make this rhyme.


Now I'm more likely,

To bite off the ends rather than pull,

I always have it trimmed when necessary,

And wash my hair alternate days.

The End

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