I idealised my beautiful Hillary,

I made mossaics in her honour,

From carpark stones.


I memorised the songs she sang,

One in particular I still recall,

Even now at twenty four.


"You're a fish and I'm a mammal,

You breathe water. I need air.

You're cold blooded, I'm warm hearted,

We will make a pretty pair,

And I like having conversations,

With relations far away.

You're the strong and silent type,

You like to fight. I love to play.

We swim along together,

Then we quickly turn away,

For we are strangers in the sea,

And that's the way we'll stay."


I may have moved on at twenty one,

Yet I still feel a tenderness,

Even now, as I remember and write.


I no longer see her,

Things are not as they once were,

We have drifted apart,

Yet she has made her mark,

Upon my heart.


We now have little in common,

Yet such is the way of life,

Since last we met at twenty one,

I have not asked to see her,

Though I will always wish her joy.

The End

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