My First LoveMature

My First Love

Hillary Thornton was my first love,

When I say first love I mean,

I fell passionately in love with her,

But she could not return my love.


I was in my last years of primary,

Yes I know I was young,

But I believed you could love at any age.


My two best friends,

Were Adelaide and Hillary,

Adelaide Carr and Hillary Thornton.


Hillary was a gorgeous girl,

With deep brown eyes,

And long, straight, dark brown hair,

Sometimes worn loose with a hairband,

Sometimes tied back in a ponytail.


She was so accomplished,

She played the recorder,

And had a soft, silvery voice.


Even at the age of nine or ten,

I was fine with same sex love,

In fact my aunt had a candy; Lebkuben Hearts,

I used to call them Lesbian Hearts.


I told my friends of my attachment,

Eventually Hillary herself,

At the time she freaked out completely,

I could not think why,

I had never asked her to return my love,

Unless she could.


I actually loved her for many years,

Until I was twenty one in fact,

I initially intended,

To be like Heathcliff or Sonya Rostova,

In my love for Hillary Thornton.

The End

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