First CrushMature

First Crush

My dad once taped me a television series,

Animated, with magic, fantasy, witches and faries,

Okay perhaps I did play games,

These games of course had no names,

Where I was in an imaginary land,

I was only eight, you must understand.


Okay maybe I did watch it excessively,

My parents would naturally say obsessively,

But never once was I confused, between fantasy and reality.

Looking back years later, I must admit,

Yes, the misunderstanding was my own fault I submit,

Attention seeking prat that I was,

I allowed them to believe something that was not.


My mom and dad believing me obsessed,

Wiped alll the tapes of the show I possessed,

Years later I rediscovered some episodes,

These did I preserve out of nostalgia and sentimentalism,

Though I had sadly outgrown the whole series.


A year later, I had a new form teacher,

She was beautiful, with gorgeous features,

Her eyes a brilliant turquoise, her hair a light brown,

I wished I could give her my gold play crown,

Of course I didn't know what a crush was,

Yet I was aware, she is a teacher, old enough to be my mom.


I knew my over admiration,

Was inappropriate, though not without foundation,

So I quietly waited, and it eventually diminished,

Though not before I dressed a barbie doll as her,

Twisting it's hair up in a knot, and kissing it full on the lips.

The End

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