My Uncle's VisitMature

My Uncle's Visit

An inspector visited my school,

And everyone tried to stay cool,

On seeing me the inspector did ask,

What I wanted be be when grown up.


I naturally don't remember this,

When very young, one's memory is an abyss,

My dad related it to me later on.


Apparently I stood deep in thought,

But not at all distraught,

Before announcing; "A fish".


I imagine everyone rolled on the floor,

Laughing until they could laugh no more.

A few years later, one of my uncles,

He came to stay with us.


My uncle witnessed a fight,

That I had with my mom,

My dad joked, dad's tone light,

That my uncle would tell my paternal gran.


Knowing my dad's parents were strict,

I was well rattled and pricked,

Until a solution in my mind clicked.


When my uncle emerged in dressing gown,

Following a nice hot shower,

Dismayed he was to find,

His towel cut in pieces.


My mom of course went berserk,

For we did each other irk,

But my dad, struggling to control dad's mirth,

The truth did unearth.


I admitted to dad,

The reason behind my actions,

As only an eight year old could,

I ascertained that,

If my Uncle did not have a shower,

He could not return to India,

So to prevent his going home,

I cut his towel to pieces.


My dad laughed heartily,

As did my uncle,

Dad gave my uncle another towel,

And years later do we,

Still recall this hillarious event.

The End

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