A Child of MirthMature

A Child of Mirth

This poem, it may start out slow,

Yet you must go with the flow,

In order to understand,

You need all cards to hand.


Here will I relate,

All the comic events,

That in my childhood occured,

Please do not deflate,

It is by no means dull,

So have patience.


A sheltered childhood did I lead,

Yet so comic were my deeds,

Anyone can relate to the wit and tomfoolery.


I was always closer to dad than to mom,

My dad would often joke,

That I wind my mom up,

And certainly when a little older,

Mom and I occasionally had,

What dad would refer to as world wars.


There was a time, when I was only four,

My mom, she wanted our vacuum cleaner,

And stressed was her demeanour,

Our under stairs cupboard had an auto lock,

As she stepped in, I crept behind,

With mischief in mind,

And the door did I shut, before scampering up.


In the study my dad was working,

And saw me at the door, lurking,

Knowing me, my dad enquired,

"What have you done?"

I was ever the wehement denier.


Yet my mom's calls,

Did attract my dad's attention,

I scampered off and hid,

As would a typical four year old.


My dad went down,

To see what was amiss,

And let my mom out,

She naturally exploded,

And my dad burst out laughing.

The End

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