My BirthMature

My Birth

Deferential to his father's will,

Babu did Ajay's wish fulfill,

He married Malati and moved to England.


In England, Babu did settle,

Daunting at 24 but still, he had mettle,

Malati chose a house, semi-detached.


The front door, a dark blue,

An upstairs window, commanded a fine view,

Crawling over the outer wall, a virginia creeper.


You the reader may now have surmised,

Babu and Malati's identities, unless they are better disguised,

Malati is my mom, Babu my dad.


A few years later, did I arrive in the world,

In a ball was I tightly curled,

Like Macduff in Macbeth ripped - a cesarean.


I was deaf in one ear,

Four pounds, miniscule, like a mouse I appeared,

Dad held me in a palm, whistling a soft tune.


As my dad says, I was a character,

For when I cried, the other babes,

Would follow my example.

The End

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