gay men do not exist to give you fashion advice and lesbians do not necessarily want to kiss you

i'm sick of this

okay, this is ridiculous. 

you can't stereotype gay people. 
or any queer people, for that matter!
it doesn't work that way!

girls, a gay man does not exist to be your shopping partner. 
and guys, please stop the entire "i'm straight, but he's really attractive"
you don't need to put the "i'm straight" part there. 
it does not undermine your sexuality. 

and anyways, what's up with lesbians?
i mean, seriously?
stop it, it's silly. 
they aren't there so you can ask them
"oh, so do you want to kiss me?"

no. no, they don't. 
if they wanted to date you,
they would ask you. 
just because they're attracted to your gender
does not mean they're attracted to you. 

you don't go up to a straight man
and ask him that, do you?

so shut it - 
these people are not your toys. 
you stereotype them, 
and in doing so, 
you dehumanize them. 

they're not your telly characters. 
they don't exist to be your friends. 
they have no obligations to fit your expectations. 

just stop, will you?

The End

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