Gasping At The Thought Of YouMature

This is a old one, it was the 172nd song i ever wrote in 2012.

#172 10-15-12

submerge a memory of a falsifed goodbye.

breathe in breathe out, just a slight sigh.

isnt it great when your beauty is simply the high.

ive always been known to be a simple kind of guy.

im one who tends to take rules and defy.

im growing more and more a thought reacurring in your head.

now let the darkness strangle you so the light can see you dead.

sometimes things seem so fucking unfair.

in life we take chances most times a treachours dare.

we agree to live by in the end paying deaths fare.

no matter the roads we take we still end up in the ground.

we all are muffled, dead, cold and cant make a sound.

but i wont be the one to give up, the one to say i drown.

you see this smile, its cut there youll never see me frown.

Let the birds cease to chirp and the sky turn red

Lets live through this life instead

No matter the despair or dread

Remember the comforting words I said

Goddamn the pain is so overwhelming now

But I refuse to fucking bow

I feel the tension grow with the crease of your brow

As the shadows let themselves inside

They come to find it’s a place that even they fear to reside

Will you stay with me till my last dying gasp

Keep your hand intertwined in my grasp

This is when we say goodbye forever

But somehow I know beyond this we’ll be together

The End

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