Garnet Girl

Being born in January is a blessing for me. I get to see what it is like. What I stand for is real. I am free from food poisoning, if I ever got poisoned at all. I'm free from snake bites. Not once did I really got bitten. And if I did and I'm still alive, it's because of two things. By the Grace of God, and that snake is a big failure. No more nightmares for me. Had few, but they don't count. There were couple of January born-babies that are part of this family tree. Julia, Martin, J.T. Smith, Mary Jane, Anita, and the late Baby Girl. Just to name a few, I say we all been blessed with a very special stone that is the color of the blood of Christ. Thank you, Jesus for dying for our sins, for giving us love, and for blessing us with a garnet.

The End

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