Gambler, Gambler, Gambling Man.

Cards are closed,

Yet there stands an empty seat,

Haven't even played my ace,

Will you stay? Gambler?

Will you risk your eyes,

On a chance, on a blind stab in the dark?

Sit down there, Right there,

Let me hand you a pigs heart,

Do you want it? Im not sure...

The teeth in your frown maybe hollow,

Lie a little harder please,

Smile a little harder please or the audience might catch on.

They are waiting for the muscles in your face to cease,

As the table is spinning,

They're wishing for black, as you play for red,

Pig heart beats, greedy

For a win, to be held

Captive in the game, staring at holding hands, all the same.

Shall I show you a glimpse?

A flash of thigh? Piece of soul

before you  win? If you do? 

Would it be fair to,

show you the prize,

Then wave my hands and show you the magicians methods...

Whisper in your deaf ears,

"The chips are rigged,

Your drinking gypsy tears"

Didn't you notice? 

When we made you leave 

Your feet at the door? This isn't, This isn't, This isn't...

A place you can run from,

We'll raise your pulse into dubstep, until your tongue melts

We'll take you higher, take that pig's heart you won,

Thank you! Thats fair and square

As boy, you were warned before we begun.

How about I take your skin,

Bet it, go on! maybe you'll get lucky

No? well I could use your bones I suppose,

As souvenirs, or jewellery...

Aren't you done yet? Still trying? 

I'm afraid you've nothing left to lose. 

So was it worth it? the pigs heart?

Was it enough to hear it lightly beat once,

To feel it in your reach, was it enough? 

To gamble for a brief moment?

When the only way you'll win it all back

Gambler, Gambler, Gambling man

Gambler Gambling Gambler man

Gambler, Gambler, Gambling man

Is if you say Yes. 

The End

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