Galomphawhich and Igglespurt

Cause when there are better things to do, why not write nonsense poetry?

Galomphawhich and Igglespurt

Tromped and gallomphed through

A little town called Whinginghurt

Down by the trickling Lew

"What a day to stroll!," said the 'Which

Tooting as he plombled

The Spurt just stared at the large ditch

As sapling-splash assombled

Galompha sighed, and drawt askew

As a goolydash dived

Igglespurt giggled, although hurt

And brought out a most fine pie

Galomphawhich cried out in joy

"Oh, what a namfy dish!

And here I was, lost in your ploy,

Expecting we'd eat fish!"

And so the two set out to dine

As the Sun set o'er Soo 

With their fine pie and Catchling Wine

Down by the trickling Lew

The End

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