Gain - Pain

To all things weight

the doctor said that fat isn't good for me
I must shed all this additional weight
but like a passionate lover it clung to me
until she gently began to suffocate

On a track I ran for several miles
my body I contorted in gruesome pose
I also tried a quite few miracle pills
But it only succeeded adding to my woes

“You might be genetically predisposed”, they said
Could I on my parents assign the blame?
Is it their fault that I look like this?
Should I go through life feeling ashamed?

Why I can't I be like that pretty face
whose stomach easily an elephant digest
Why anything I eat so brutally gained
over my hips and all over my chest

Why does my body torment me so?
Why all my efforts are undermined
Should I simply give up on any food
to make me fail, is my body determined?

The End

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