Gails Wheels

Sexy Gail...The american Trucker...Yer I said Trucker

How much weight can Gail carry?

Driving on the wrong side of the road

Eighteen wheels beneath her,

Has she struggles with her heavy load.

Not just the load on the truck she driveing

But also the burdens she had to carry in life

Struggling to be a good mother

Struggling to be a good wife.

To keep her children safe and well.

To work so that they were fed

She also had to run a house

Keep her husband happy in bed.

Juggle the books and pay the bills

So they are not in the red

Many a time she wished things were diffrent

Wished that she was dead.

Gail wants a little me time.

Gail wants to find herself

She dont moan and groan or grumble

But sometime she wishes....

She was somewhere else.

So if those eighteen wheels, one day cut you in

Dont blast your horn or curse.

Its just Gail the sexy trucker{I said Trucker}

Trying to gain time .

Or find time?or make time?    or......






The End

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