Gaia Putti

Space in the dreamless aeons of infinity's sleep/ Compression-ignition/ Centrifugal force/ O yea, genesis, Aum...Jettisoned are we, like oily tadpoles/ Our skull-windows, bulbous and liquorice black/ Reflect our kaleidoscopic horizon/ Agog, we are humbled by the nuclear iris of day...O cherubs of the God-pearl atlas/ We soar, we gyre, newborns on the eddies of the cirrus vault/ Our wings spread, flap, our gilded trumpets sound/ We herald, we beckon the marrow of clouds to ripen those fledgling kingdoms below/ We doth our laurel crowns, pucker and praise falsetto the omniscient Rex - Architect of this azure globe fat on all history's rain...O hail! the dawn of His scaly gargantua - when doughy blobs of lizards bounce bouyantly from amphibian treacle/ Rejoice! we pirouette on Earth's sultry breath atop Her most ancient canopy/ For here lies, the brethren of soquoias - forefathers of air/ Ye mammoth trees, oaky with anchored braids/ Looms, spindles, coniferous lungs that weave aerobic yarns into sky's invisible tapestry - for future feathers and birdsong

The End

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