Fynn's Sonnet

A Valentine's Day poem :-)

With time they say do all goodly things fade;

jewels shall lose their unworldly shimmer.

Plat'num shall tarnish, through oceans we'll wade;

and things silver shall forsake their glimmer. 

The mountain peaks which caress the great skies;

shall wander through the murky mirrors of blue.

The ground will heave; as goddess earth she sighs;

flesh and soul cease to trod the grass-blade's dew.

Though goodly things need not always be those;

those that with time fleet and break asunder.

There is but one thing that with each hour grows;

that all who feel liken to a wonder.

This I feel in my heart for you my friend,

our love; the fading of time shall transcend. 

The End

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