Future TransformationsMature

One of those late-night writings to clear some clutter from the confines of my mind before reverting to an unconscious state.

my own cynicism slaps me in the face
but who am I to call you a disgrace-
-ful man, who slings slander and
tramples my good name
but if I am to admit
we do share quite a bit
of pessimistic ideals
you think that of that
and I thus of this
however, all in all
it befalls to horseshit
in a grandiose scheme of things
that which we tote 'round
transcends it’s meanings
when we drag it through the mud
and then try to clean it up
and use it once again
in a new life lesson
for each and every circumstance
has a singular purpose and
we must strive for independence
from our past
because then
and only then
will we progress…

The End

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