Futile Wishes.Mature

Just something I wrote a while ago.

I that wish I was pretty,
I wish I wasn’t a ghost,
I wish I had something to show for that time,
Except scars,
And broken bones.

I wish you understood me,
I wish I could turn the clock,
Back to when I didn’t think that the high would,
Ever end and,
The good times stop.

I wish I’d never seen Eden,
Wish I didn’t take the drop,
I wish you will still here to hear me screaming,
Waking night,
Mares never stop.

I wish you knew I love you,
More than you will ever know,
I wish you would hold me one last time darling,
Hands round my throat.

Wish you were here to watch me,
Walk this knife edge alone,
See me chase the rush over the edge of,
The Earth and,
Let it all go.

I’ve chased these dreams to their conclusion,
And now my darling I must fly,
Remember that reality is an

For ever and always,
For all time.

The End

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