frustration late at night


you want to take this away?
the internet?

nice try. 

because if you take this, 
you're putting me in the ground. 
just thought you'd like to know. 

this is the only reason i'm still alive, 
not anything or anyone else, 
i've been writing here for almost 3 years now. 

and i can tell you, 
this is nothing less than a lifestyle. 

fingers tapping syllables against desks, 
black keys clacking letters onto the blank screen, 
idle pencils with scrawled words on lined paper, 

this is the making of my thought process, 
and somewhere along the line, 
i learned how to write poetry. 

i don't know how, 
i don't know when it happened, 
but someway i became a poet, 
and my words began to form structure, 
and everything i was is now insignificant. 

so if you'd like to take this away, 
i hope you know you're taking me too. 

The End

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