Is there such a thing as fate? What about happiness? This is a story about a guy stuck in the friendzone...

She tells you that she’s fine

But you know better

She touches the bruise on her arm

She sees you notice, she looks at her lap

I don’t get it, you tell her

Why do you do this to yourself?

Why are you letting him treat you like that?

She shakes her head


He comes home every night

This food isn’t cooked right, he yells

He tosses the plate at her

She’s scared, but doesn’t say a thing

If only he knew

It took her five hours to make that meal


You tell her it’s not fair, that she deserves better

Why? She asks

Because you’re beautiful and smart…

And so much better than him

She touches the scar on her thigh

She laughs, and tells you that you’re funny, crazy

You ask her why she doesn’t leave him

Because I… I love him

You shake your head

You’re in love with a monster, who’s the crazy one now?

She laughs and stares and the ceiling

What is it? You ask

I just don’t see it, what you see in me

Why do you keep persisting?

I’ve told you, if you’d just believe me…

I know it’s my fault, she says

You sigh

You may not believe it, but I’m actually kind of happy

Looking after someone, even if he doesn’t appreciate it

Maybe it’s time someone started looking after you…

She looks at you, frustrated

You don’t understand, she says

Then let me…

Look, if he finds out…

It’ll be me that gets beaten again, not you

But it’s not right, why is it always your fault?

Maybe that’s just the way it’s meant to be

The End

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