Fruit Preserve.

This is what you wanted right?
Lose yourself in the moment
But anyway, who would ask themselves that?
Nobody but me.
Why would I even ask that?
Why would I want to even consider questioning?
But I have. More than a few times.
Don't move closer, you might see me
Might notice the scars down my face

I have this right.
Where is my right?

Play, play , play
I'll give you anything to keep making music while I'm gone

Opportune moment
We have no better time to watch him!

Keep playing
I love you. I hate you.
I want you.
From the very reaches of my soul, I want to rip you apart.
I never let it go, I never let it out
Take it away

I won't be alright
You are yourself

Where's my right?!
I've never wanted to be fine.
I've never wanted normality

This terrifies me 

And now, calm consumes 

The End

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