Frozen In Time

Another one of those endless train of thought things!

wondering how to run this recession
hearts cant run on depression any longer
sooner or later theyll all break down
suppressing the memories hidden in frowning smiles
and id walk a mile for eternity
to solve this puzzle i havent even seen
too massive, impressive
impressions run the world now here
cannot run from what cannot hide here
in the open, where the river is so wide
you cant see the red horizon
bloody tears fill the sky and i wonder:
how high can i fly til i breathe no longer?
spread my feathers, take flight in the water
shooting for the sun, to set fire to rebellious daughters
and lying sons, douse them in cold
set them on warm, and watch their molds melt
all around them, til there's only reality
and hope mixed with frailty
broken bones wrapped around their hearts made of not gold
but silver to keep them frozen in time.

The End

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