Frozen Heart

This was written about the experiences of my other story, Heartbreak.

When people think of heartbreak, they think hard.
They think of your heart shattering into a million pieces
like someone's attacked it with a hammer,
or a saw slowly slicing it in half,
cutting through the muscles like warm butter.
They think putting yourself back together afterward is like a jigsaw puzzle,
placing the pieces and stitching the wounds.
It's actually a bit different.
Heartbreak starts as ice
seeping through the chambers and valves
until everything is encased in a thin layer of chill.
Then comes the moment where the real pain begins;
The ice melts, and your heart melts with it,
dripping down the ribcage and coating the organs like candle wax.
It sears your insides for days, weeks, months,
and ignites the nervous system all the way to the brain
so you stay up all night wondering what you could've done wrong.
Those who move on with only a little leaking
are the lucky ones.
There are some of us who are not so fortunate.
They freeze themselves too much,
and their hearts end up six feet under,
buried in crystalline snow
where nothing can ever melt them again.

The End

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