Frozen Girl On Your Lips

When you see me on this cold street, head down watching my feet

Do you throw hate at me with your eyes, the girl you loved but now despise

Do you believe that I'm fine? I bet your hoping all the time...

That I'm sinking under heavy sheets of blue,

 When the weight that presses down on me, is you

Do you stick pins into my arms inside your head?

Tell me love, do you wish that I was dead?

Do you wish you could burn down my house, trap me inside?

Tell me love, would you even mind if I died?

If the light from my eyes faded in front of you

Would you still just think of me, as the evil one who

Took everything you had, and took it down with me

Took who you were, and expected you to be

Content with living alongside a frozen corpse, kissing your lips

Because you knew it was me, the dead girl. You held to your hips

The truth is, you never cared If I was living or dead

As long as you still got to drag me into your warm bed.

The End

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