From Whence Have I Come?

I am from books, both old and new, 
From pledge on worn wood banisters,
And songs carried on the wind.

I am from the story-filled boisterous and calm family gatherings.

I am from the azalea, it's newest blossom,
The leaf, the yellow rose,
Tulips and petals.

I am from Catherine and dreamers,
From Thomas, Leo, and Jane.

I am from the zany and the loving.

From, “If you don't behave I'll break your legs” and
“I will always love you” words of my family.

I am from Charleston, South Carolina,
Western Europe, Spaghetti and Tea.

From the story about my grandparent's initial thoughts upon their first meeting,
The way my grandfather was mourned,
And the gleam in my grandmother's eyes when she recalls the good old days.

I am from under the bed,
In the closet and within the heart,
Pictures and memories passed down,
Teaching about the world and life.

I am from parables and morals,
Examples and mystic sage-type advice,
Wisdom meant to grow the soul.

The End

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