From Their World to OursMature

This is my first spoken word piece. If anyone would like to add a page, please contact me on my profile beforehand.
p.s. I uploaded a media reading of this poem; I do not claim to be a good reader of spoken word, nor an expert on soundcloud (the website I uploaded it from) so please forgive me for any choppiness

Some strange man beats your mother

Throws you out on the streets

Where there's some teenage kids smoking pot 

Trying to get some release

In the distance, there's a baby in a cradle

Crying out of hunger

While one man who's out of his mind

Decides to kill another

The baby that was in its cradle is not

Crying anymore

And his mother's shot

Straight to hell lying dead on the floor

This is our society now

This is what we live in

This is what our parents hand down

To their loved ones, their own kin

This is was is normal today

Pretty sad, isn't it

This is what the news will display

But I won't take this, I won't inherit

A community that's bad already

And make it worse 

A world that is so unsteady

It doesn't deserve another verse

It will not work for me

Being in this universe so split in two

When I grow up, we will take care of poverty

Now who will big this world adieu


While we work together 

Because there's no other was possible

We have to be clever

Because this is a huge obstacle


But is we stand strong in our ranks

And help fix the population

We won't live in a world so dank

This sickly "free" nation


In our world there will be no woman

Abandoned on the streets

While a poor man steals her purse

Kicks her when he only finds receipts


There will be no man in a garbage can

Looking for a meal

He won't take anything, from anyone

Because he would not have to steal


He could simply go to a stranger

Knock at the door

Ask for some food that isn't of danger

Or a spot to lie that is warm


Because the strangers kitchen is full

Their house is heated

There will be no need for him

To go on so emaciated


That baby that was crying 

Would grow up to be a kid

His momma wouldn't be shot down

From something stupid that she did


That man who was out of his mind

Will be ok

Because he will be put back inside

His head and he will want to stay


Our world will be new

Our world will be good

There won't be people always judging you

No kid will feel misunderstood


There will be kindness

There, out in the open

Because we will show our kids guidance

And they will not come from homes broken


Our world will be one 

We are proud of 

Not one

We are ashamed to open a window and hear the sound of


There will be no murder

No rape and battery

No need to turn on the news and expect the worst

Every Saturday

You will be able to look out the window

And see your kids playing

Not covering their ears will their pillow

Because there are gunshots not fading

Our world will not be perfect

Of this I am sure

But surely you can connect

The dots and figure we're almost mature

Enough to make it happen

If we work hard

And get in action

Then yard by yard

We will gain new territory

A newer, freer nation

We can take the glory

Of putting it there, but we have to be patient

It wont happen over night

Or in a week or two

But  our kids will have a world of light

Instead of a damp dark room.

The End

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