From the Window Sill

Silent euphoria, here in my window
Keeping dry in the rain
I savor each cigarette, blissfully happy
And wallowing in my pain.

A storm is coming, no matter at all
Lightning is beauty to me
Still of my body and peace of my soul
But the soul is still troubling me.

Then Agony pounds on the doors to my brain
So I take her as my own
And I light up another and wish to be nowhere
But here in my window alone.

And Agony pours through my veins and the rain's
Getting louder and stronger still
I'm lost and in wonder at the echoes of thunder
And still in my window sill.

The pile gets higher on the brick of my window
More powerful, each, than the last
So I light up another and it carries me on
Til the heart of the storm has passed.

Insomnia sleeps as I stare at the darkness
And wonder what happened to life
Confused as an infant and forced to grow older
Sooner than I would have liked.

Well the clouds are still leaking and the pile's still growing
As I wonder what happened to love
And sooner or later I'll light up another
And never understand enough.

The End

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