It was never supposed to be like this,

Living in a world without happiness and bliss.

Stumbling through life, trying to find a reason to exist.

A purpose. To live. Instead I slit my wrist.

What got me to this point? I say I do not know.


I tried to run away from the problems in my life

But they only cut me deeper like a freshly sharpened knife.

How do I get away from the problems in my brain?

The voices are getting louder and louder, like a freight train

That's lost control, unstoppable. My fate has been decided, it's inevitable.


I tried to fight it, to right it, all the mistakes that I had made.

But nothing could be righted, the pain would not fade.

I was moving through my life like a puppet on a string,

Moving numbly through the halls, feeling beyond life's sting.

I had to get away, and I could only see one way.


I can't think straight, my mind is on the edge.

"This is it," I said, my feet hanging off the ledge.

But an angel sat next to me and said they would stay until the end.

My decision seemed so easy until I met this friend.

The world is whirling round, it's getting hard to breathe.


Life. Death. I cannot choose.

The End

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