From the Rooftop

Suicidal musings.

It wasn't supposed to be like this, I never meant to hurt you.

You took me to the rooftop and we would take in the view.

You tried so hard to get me to look  up at the open sky above

Where the glowing stars would help find the answers I needed.

But I never looked up, I continued to stare down over the edge.

I told you to go inside, I fell to my knees and begged you to go.

Why did you have to come closer and wrap your arms around me?

"Let me go!" I screamed. I lied and yelled that I hated you

In the hopes you would make it easier and would leave me.

"Please go," I whispered as months of tears streamed down my face.

You held me tighter and told me everything would be okay,

I wished that you were right, but I could never go back inside.

As I sobbed into your shoulder, your grip loosened slightly.

"I'm so sorry. I love you." I left you no time to grasp my words.

There was so much pain in your eyes as I pushed you away,

You stood there speechless and motionless as I backed away.

"Please don't watch," I thought as I ran towards the building's edge.

I was flying above the world, but your screams brought me back

To reality, I was falling. I never meant to hurt you, never.

The End

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