Narcotic Dreams

Jerry's house of depraved essence
If it hurts then it must be working
Bella lies on the laps of several faceless men
Richard looks on in self-hatred

A needle almost rips out her last vein
As the dull liquid stirs her psyche
Bella drifts into a perfect symmetry
as the wanton desires of the men
she came to love begin to undress her

Richard allows the flow of narcotic dreams
As the room begins the fade to a grey hue
The last he hears is Bellas cry of joy
She doesn't need him tonight

A needle tears the skin from his arm
As the advances of a faceless woman
Loosens his jeans and loses his shirt
A sky-clad male smiles in the distance
As his girlfriend begins to kiss Richards neck

Never more will they be as one
They were bought together and torn apart
From the very thing they wanted

The End

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